World’s Cheapest Online Store for Quality Prescription Glasses is one of the leading eyeglass store, online and off, and also be an efficient and easy-to-use prescription eyeglasses website for budget conscious, savvy shoppers, has announced the availability of single vision prescription eyeglasses for as low as 10 dollars.

“It’s a amazing that so many people are in need of vision correction do not purchase prescription lenses because they can’t afford them,” said by a optician.

“Since its inception, our maim mission is to supply consumers with affordable, quality prescription eyeglasses, and with the continuing tough economy, we wanted to export an even lower price option, which would help consumers around the world get the best quality prescription eyeglasses they need in order to improve their visual health.”

In addition to affordable prices, our website will make purchasing online easier then ever with our unique virtual ‘ Try On ‘ system, which allows consumers to upload images of them on which to superimpose.
1. To place or lay (something) on or over something else.
2. Thousands of frames, lenses and color selections are providing. From there, the images can be posted to the pages, providing shoppers the chance to receive feedback on their selection from other consumers worldwide. In addition, shoppers can upload their photos to facebook pages to get even more feedback from family and friends before purchasing.

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