Do you know glasses frames?

Glasses frame according to different combinations of materials and can be divided into:
1. Plastic frame: its characteristics as a light, easy processing, room temperature, no deformation, prices generally lower.
2. Metal Frame: its characteristic is strong, light and beautiful, is now the most commonly used frame.
3. Mixed frame (plate): a mixture made of metal and plastic, or metal frame robustness, it is also easily processed into a variety of shapes.

Glasses frame according to the different models can be divided into:
1. Full Frame: solid, easy stereotypes, may cover part of the lens thickness.
2. Drawing Frame: bottomless box with a nylon wire embedded in the bottom of the lens, the general fastness.
3. No Frame: No frame, only the bridge of the nose and the mirror leg coupled with higher elegant, but the poor fastness.
4. Portfolio Holder: The former box office has two lenses, one group can be turned on, usually indoor and outdoor dual-use.
5. Folding Frame: Frame can be folded into four fold or Liu Zhe, mostly for reading mirror.