A great helper to alleviate eye fatigue – computer prescription glasses

In the modern technology society, there are about 80% of people working before the computer screen on a regular basis. And after one day’s work, most of them feel their eyes very fatigue. At this time, one pair of computer prescription glasses will do a great help to reduce such symptom and has become quite popular among the people who spend very long time working with the computer.

If you have never worn prescription glasses before, you may just try the non-prescription glasses with Anti-Reflective and Anti-Glare to be processed as computer glasses which can protect your eyes from glare and damaging radiation. But if you have suffered vision problems such as farsightedness, nearsightedness or astigmatism and need to wear prescription glasses to correct your poor eye vision, you should pay special attention for the computer prescription glasses. If you use the prescription glasses you normally wear to work as computer prescription glasses, you might find it can not work very well and will make you feel blurry when doing the computer work. In order to make sure the glasses can best work for you, you’d better to make an eye exam and get the accurate computer prescription glasses from your eye doctor.

By the way, if you have a prescription for multi-focal glasses use at hand, you can also convert the prescription for computer use by yourself. When entering the prescription for your single vision computer prescription glasses, you may firstly split the Add number in half (leave the Add data entry field blank.), and then combine the half number with the Spherical values, keep the Cylindrical and Axis value as they were. Only with the above changes, a prescription for the computer use can be created.

Since the structure of the computer prescription glasses is just the same as ordinary prescription glasses, you have various choices for the frame and lens selection. Just take the frame for example, you may choose almost any fashionable frame in any materials for your computer prescription glasses. As to the lenses, the Anti-reflective coating which can effectively prevent the harmful radiation reflected from the computer are strong recommended for your computer prescription glasses.

To sum up, wearing a fashionable and stylish computer prescription glasses can make your appearance more attractive and remarkable even sitting at the office. Apart from that, these computer prescription glasses can also ease our eye fatigue and neck pain so that we can work more comfortable and relaxed.